North Branch of the Potomac Barnum

Barnum Section

Class: 1-3
Gradient: 35 ft per mile
Volume: 800 -2000 cfs
Season: April through October
Scenery: Lush and green , big mountains
Time: 3-5 hrs
Length: 6 Miles

The North Branch of the Potomac is an excellent day of class 1 - 3  whitewater depending on the dam release from Jennings Randolph reservoir. The North Branch tumbles down a continuous gradient of sandstone ledges and cobbles and small ledge drops providing nonstop action of easy rapids with waves and rollers. Short pools of calm water permit sight seeing and swimming. The North Branch  can be done in either rafts or duckies (inflatable kayaks). Once a major route through the Potomac highlands an old railroad bed follows the river on the right side. This is a great biking and hiking trail. The North Branch is in the south eastern end of the county where the Savage and Potomac meet.  The North Branch can be run spring thru fall with the low water float trips in the summer. Duckies only at levels below 600 cfs. Regular Dam releases from Jennings Randolph lake provide great whitewater in the spring and fall.

Available North Branch  Trips
Saturday Rafting or IK's 4-6 hours $85.00 per person Reservations
Sunday Rafting or IK's 4-6 hours $85.00 per person Reservation

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