Potomac River Basin Kitzmiller Trip

The Kitzmiller section of the Potomac is a classic early spring run with more hydraulics and big rapids then any other run in the area.  This section is nicknamed the land of a 1000 hydrualics. Early spring rains make this trip as wild as the Gauley with no flat water pools. Big ledges creating powerful hydraulics and long wave trains are the norm for this trip. Action all the way.  This is a classic trip that you won't soon forget. We do this trip in the 4 person rafts depending on water levels. We guide every raft and have extra safety with safety kayakers.  We supply all rafting equipment and shuttles to and from the river. A deli style lunch is included with cold beverages. This is one of those trips that when you are done you can't wait to do it again.


STATS: 12 Miles, 7Hrs
Age: Recommended age is 16 years and up
TYPE: Extreme River Trip / natural flow
RIVER: Potomac River
PRICE: $175.00 per person

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