Savage River Trip

Your Savage River trip can be done in 4-6 person rafts as well as IK's (duckies) for the most experienced. We have guides in every raft and a safety boater accompanies the trip. This is a real fast moving high action whitewater trip. After a thorough safety briefing on what to do in case anything happens, we split into groups and away we go, pretty much nonstop to the end. This trip is like one 5 mile long rapid. The trip includes equipment and lunch and cold beverages at the end of the trip. More rapids and less flat water then any trip we do. We shuttle you to and from the river for a great day of whitewater.  We have 3 dam releases in the summer for one to make this a very special trip. The Savage can be run in 4-6 man rafts as well as IK's for the most experienced. This is one of the most fun rafting trips in Maryland lots of big waves. The Savage wants to go downhill fast. Gives us a call to make a reservation or with any questions. 1 (800)-477-3723  Local  301-746-5290 We look forward hearing from you soon.

STATS: 5 Miles, 3-4 Hrs
Age: Recommended age is 12 years and up
TYPE: Action Whitewater Trip / dam release / natural flow
RIVER: Savage River
PRICE: $90.00 per person

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